Fashion guru to stage Fashion Grill



MASERU – Tšepang Moiloa, popularly known as Mr CEO will in April host the Fashion Grill event which aims is to grant young people a platform to showcase their fashion style.

Moiloa, who sells clothes for a living, says he has always been passionate about fashion and clothes in general, hence the decision to make a living out of them.

Moiloa says clothes give him confidence and earns him respect while also making him look good.

He indicates that he earned the name Mr C.E.O for dressing like one; smart and elegantly.

The name came up because people would tell him he sells and dresses in clothes that are always new to their eyes and at times they only come to be what they only saw on television.

That is how they came to call him the CEO of the industry.

According to him, fashion best defines a person and gives a revelation of who a person really is.

He therefore strongly urges people to do away with the stereotype that fashion is reserved for certain individuals.

“Everyone has his or her eyes fixed on a certain manner of dressing so to say fashion is not for everyone would be totally wrong. The mere fact that a person has a certain preference when dressing for a certain occasion simply shows that the person is fashionable in a way,” Moiloa says.

According to Moiloa, dressing ‘good’ attracts good company.

He says he has met some ‘big giants’ in the country simply because of how he dresses adding he once spent money on a two-piece suit which he wore to a gala dinner and won himself M10 000 for best dressed man at the occasion.

The Fashion Grill promises activities such as table tennis, soccer table, pool table and chessboards as a way of bringing indoor entertainment to the event.

It is a red carpet event that shall be graced by a music performance by Djs and other musicians.

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