Transporters’ stay-away to leave commuters stranded



MASERU – The Maseru Region Transport Operators (MRTO) is planning to go ahead with its April 17 strike in spite of passengers’ plea to drop it.

MRTO’s spokesperson Mokete Jonase said they were not going back on their word, adding that commuters living around Maseru would have to find a way to get to and from work as taxis would not be available.

Jonase said MRTO is currently lobbying other regions to join their protest strike against the minister of transport whom they accuse of failing to address the cross border transport problems.

“There is a document which clearly states our grievances that was submitted to the office of the Minister in 2013, but was signed in 2015 as an agreement between the association and the government to try and iron things out so that we map way forward for smooth operation, both on our side and on the government’s side,” he said.

He said what is now left is for the government to ensure the issuing of C and D permits, as well as address the cross border transport which has been on the table for years.

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