Basotho in diaspora invited to reforms



MASERU – The National Dialogue Committee (NDPC) will embark on an exercise to collect views of Basotho Diaspora members living in South Africa, on reforms, starting from June 5.

According to a press statement released by the NDPC this week, the exercise is essentially an extension of the on -going in-district consultations that are aimed at obtaining opinion, analyses and recommendations that will build into the reforms.

“The NDPC, considering the nature and economic, social, political and cultural impact of Lesotho’s Diaspora in South Africa, found it prudent to involve these populations and include their input in all significant national developments in Lesotho.

“The Diaspora Consultations are intended to afford Basotho in the Diaspora (SA) an opportunity to contribute to the reform process in similar manner that their compatriots in the country have been allowed during in-district consultations,” the press statement says.

The aim, according to the press release is to  demonstrate the commitment of national partners to including all sectors of Basotho stakeholders in dialogue towards reform, acknowledge the regional economic, political and social ties and interdependence of Basotho population across the borders and their stake in a stable and prosperous Lesotho,” the statement says.

It adds: “It is expected that after the event, which is anticipated to be complete by June 12, 2019, the following shall have been achieved:

– Basotho in the Diaspora shall have contributed directly to the reforms currently being undertaken, and therefore will own them and assist  in their durability and

-the inputs of Basotho in the Diaspora will be incorporated into the reports that will be tabled by NDCP before the NLF and plenary II.”

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