Nedbank launches advanced App



MASERU – Nedbank Lesotho customers will now be able to transact in the comfort of their own space, thanks to the introduction of a new application, the Money Africa App, which comes with a total of 19 functionalities.

The new App replaces an older model which was being used by the bank previously. Clients who have been using the old App will be smoothly transferred to the newly introduced App in a process that could take two to three months.

This, the bank is doing to stay in line with the latest trends in the market, realising that more and more people now spend most of their times on their cellphones.

It also provides for a safe, convenient and cost-effective client experience.

“We are introducing the money App today. It is one of our new exciting developments that allows Nedbank customers to transact easily in a very convenient manner.

“Mobile phones have taken over our day-to-day lives, so we are acknowledging the fact that we spend so much time looking at our cell phones. So we are bringing a banking element by this introduction that will make interacting much easier,” Nedbank Lesotho Managing Director, Nkau Matete, said on Monday while introducing the new, ground-breaking feature.

The bank emphasised on Monday that the innovations that come with the new feature are based on what clients need to enable them to manage and control their money better without worrying about doing their banking.

Through the new Money App, clients will enjoy the flexibility of being able to set up recurring payments, loan calculations as well as the ability to freeze and block a card in case of emergency.

“The benefits include recurring payments which are payments that bank holders do every month. One is able to schedule payments that they want done every month instead of one having to go to the bank.

“It also allows for two special features that differentiate Nedbank from other service providers. These are facilities whereby if a client has misplaced their card, there is a functionality in this app that allows one to freeze their account. Clients can freeze their account so that anybody getting hold of the card may not be able to use it,” Matete added, explaining the new feature which is already available for Nedbank clients.

Other than freezing, one can also block the card in cases where it has been lost completely instead of calling the bank and having to go through all the processes that are needed to block transactions.

The intuitive and personalised App that can also be used internationally further allows clients to see how much money they have and how much they owe using a fresh graphical dashboard where they can manage their money like never before.

“This is cutting edge technology in terms of what it enables clients to do. It allows us to transact and make arrangements with our accounts without having to leave the comfort of our houses,” the Matete added.

The bank announced that more exiting functionalities will be added to the App down the line to help clients manage their money even much better.

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