Likhang to preside over regional body



MASERU – Highly regarded local chartered accountant, Robert Likhang, has been appointed as the president of the Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa, a position he is scheduled to serve for one year.

Likhang is the first Mosotho to be appointed to the position and only second outside of South Africa.

The Chattered Secretaries Southern Africa is the formal professional institute meant to enable corporate governance and also work as the expert commentator and thought leader in accounting in Southern Africa.

It includes high ranking professionals with a broad base of skills in areas of law, accounting and strategy. Chartered secretaries provide a focal point for independent advice and guidance on the conduct of business, governance and compliance.

Following his appointment to the presidency in June this year, Likhang said his appointment is good news not only for him but for Lesotho at large citing he will have more powers to influence and advocate for the practice of good governance in the country.

Lesotho is in the process of introducing a new corporate governance code titled the Mohlomi code, which could be officially launched next month.

“I am happy because I am the first from Lesotho to occupy this position, an indication that it is really not easy to reach to that level. White South Africans have been dominating the position for a very long time until recently.

“It is good not only for me but for the country in that it is going to be easy to influence on good governance in the country. It is going to help us to promote good governance and good company sectretarial practice in the country,” Likhang said.

The former Lesotho Institute of Accountants Chief Executive Officer (CEO) revealed while he is happy, there are a number of issues that he has to extensively deal with during his one-year tenure.

The biggest challenge ahead is redefining good governance, he noted.

“The fact that governance is a social system means it comes with so many changes that are likely to have implications on governance. So, we have to be cognisant towards issues of the emerging digital economies and globalisation in general because they all come with a lot of changes regarding good practice,” he added.

As a result, the head of RL Consultancy has to make sure that the ethical conduct aligns with the modern world and not necessarily focus on what used to happen in the past.

He has to ensure that governance is defined in the context of these new threats and opportunities that come with the fourth industrial revolution.

Robert is head of RL Consultancy (Pty) Ltd, which provides company secretarial services as well as consultancy and corporate training in the areas of finance and governance.

He has finance, governance and general management experience, having held senior positions at executive level and as non-executive board member across many industries in Lesotho.

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