IDM hosts senators in ‘The Lesotho We Want’ debate


Thato Ramafu

Maseru – IDM today had an opportunity to discuss the impact of the education sector, in particular at tertiary level, in contributing to the nation’s development through capacity building, skills transfer and development.

The session was facilitated by Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) and hosted at IDM premises for Members of the Senate and Principal Chiefs.

Amongst a host of short course available at the institute, IDM offers leadership, advocacy as well as public speaking.

“Education plays a fundamental role in helping shape leaders that are needed to develop our country. We need leaders with expertise to become sensitised with information about what the nation expect from leaders, what attributes and leadership qualities are needed, as well ethical conduct and etiquette qualities expected from a leader,’’ said Mr Tso SECHABA, a business development consultant at IDM.

Various sectors including the media, the security sector and others were granted an opportunity to make recommendations under the theme; ‘The Lesotho we want’ as part of the larger broad-based National Reforms agenda.

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