Violent crime escalates in Lesotho



Maseru – Police said this week violent crimes seem to be escalating in the country with business people and women in villages and towns being targeted.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday, Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli encouraged business owners to be extra careful because it seems robbers study their routine carefully so it would be wise if they keep changing the way they do things.

He said criminal study the days and manner in which they take their cash to the banks or where they keep their money, adding criminals normally pounce on shop-owners towards closing when there are fewer people in the shop.

Police therefore said it would be advisable for them to change closure times time and again to break routines which robbers can take advantage of.

Mopeli announced police had recovered eight guns of different models along with a total of 105 bullets for which he was thankful to citizens who tipped them off to help save lives, because armed robbers had prematurely ended many lives.

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