Qacha’s Nek water shutdown



MASERU – The Water and Sewage Company (WASCO) wishes to inform the Qacha’s Nek community about a shutdown of water supply today.

This is due to WASCO’s routine reservoir cleaning taking place at the following places: Leropong, Makhalong, Thifa, Lifonaneng, Stadium Area, Tj, Tsekong, Sunville and Part of the town.

WASCO has also announced that on Thursday the following places would be affected, Motse-Mocha, Police line, Border gate, Tj, Phate-ha-li aloloe and parts of the town.

Therefore, the community advised to store sufficient amount to sustain them during the whole cleaning period.

The company apologises for any inconvenience caused by this temporary shutdown and promises that water supply services will be restored soon after reservoirs’ cleaning is completed.

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