Granny in custody for conniving over rape



QACHA’s NEK – 83-year old Qacha’s Nek woman was arrested for concealing two incidents of rape on her 15-year old grand daughter.

The father of the forst rapist aged 47 was also taken in.

Speaking on police reports, Sergeant Tema Marabetsoe Mothobi said the victim was first raped in February by 24-year old man from the same area who has since go to initiation school.

The second incident happened in July where a different suspect aged 21 raped the minor.

The victim informed her grandmother on both occasions.

The granny however schemed with the first suspect’s father to pay off the crime with a donkey keeping police out of it.

The second suspect, who has allegedly impregnated the young girl, was similarly given the option to pay lobola by the girl’s granny again keeping the crime concealed in a pact with the rapist’s father although they were fully aware that the girl was a minor.

On hearing that a concerned citizen in the area had informed the police, the suspect fled.

Police investigations continue.

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