Chinese medical team school of the deaf


LERIBE – Last Thursday, a Chinese Medical Team visited St Paul’s School of the deaf in Leribe.

The team of qualified doctors with deferent titles performed physical examinations on the children and donated medications and groceries to the school.

People with hearing impairments need constant medical attention so having a medical team visiting was God-sent. Among key examinations includes testing children’s intelligence to ensure their upbringing is not far different from other children considered “normal”.

In her last words Irene said helping those in need of their services is their priority.

The school’s principal Mrs Mpho Sefale said the school started back in 1981 and was founded by the late Bishop Paul Khoarai who in his quest to serve he came across many children who could not hear and he felt he had to do something to ensure they have a better future.

Sefale paid tribute to the Chinese medical team saying the world is blessed to have people like the team who are always willing to give hope to humanity.

Speaking on behalf of Chinese business people in Lesotho, Xing Chen said he was excited to donate materials together with the medical team, adding it has been over 10 years now since the Chinese started donating to the district.


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