Respite for foreign parents travelling in an out of SA



MASERU – South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs has eased conditions for foreign nationals travelling with minor children.

The department has waived the regulation requiring foreign children to present birth certificates, parental consent letters or any other supporting documentation such as death certificate or court order when travelling with one parent or legal guardian.

Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaleli made the announcement in a statement on November 8.

Motsoaleli said the waiver is granted on condition that all the other requirements for entry and departure from the Republic of South Africa are complied with and it will be operational while the Department is still in the process of finalising the amendments to the immigration regulations.

The announcement is made after the amendment of the Immigration Act regulation which required anyone travelling to and from South Africa with children under the age of 18 to be in possession of a fully unabridged birth certificate in addition to a valid passport by July 1 which was postponed to September 2014 after taking into account children school holidays.

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