Suspects nabbed for councillor’s murder



Quthing- A 37-year-old man from Mokuoane and another aged 29 from Seforong Quthing together with a woman aged 22 from Metsi-Mats’oana will appear before the Mohole’s Hoek magistrate’s court today with killing a councillor.

The councillor was stubbed to death on October 9 at 7 pm.

According to Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli a 55-year-old old woman from Qalakheng 2 knocked at the councillor’s house and a councillor’s wife suggested to her late husband that they should allow her in.

On entering the woman was with three men, which made the councillor’s wife to sense they were up to no good. She therefore suggested they offer the intruders some money to spare them.

After getting an undisclosed sum of money, the men tied-up the wife together with her granddaughter aged 14 and grandson aged 12, before stabbing the victim many times with a knife, before fleeing the scene in a white van.

As the assailants left the children started crying for help and neighbours came to their rescue.

Mopeli said of late women are being used in criminal activities to fool people into relaxing assuming they mean no harm, adding: “I would like to thank all people, who helped us find these suspects”

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