Film students cry for recognition



MASERU – Film students from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology say it is high time Digital Creativity and media got recognised as it is one of the industries that can boost the country’s economy.

This the students said in the context of the much anticipated Third Annual Learners Evaluation and Work Assessment (LEAWA) Film and Television Festival which is fast approaching.

The students just cannot wait to show off the hard-produced films.

LEAWA is an annual event hosted by Limkokwing University students in recognition of the work they have put in to producing their films.

The event consists of film screenings, where all films that are nominated for the festival will be shown to everyone on a selected location.

Screenings are followed by the awards ceremony of where students from different categories in the production of a film are awarded for their good work.

Speaking to Public Eye Lifestyle , Face of LEAWA and also the Public Relations Officer for the LEAWA Film Festival Ayesha Khuele indicated that the plan is to have the screenings from May 21- 22 and hold the awards ceremony the following day.

Khuele however said the venue is yet to be confirmed.

Khuela is herself an actress and film producer who also takes the lead of the producing team for the upcoming festival. She is also a student ambassador and was selected to be in this position by LEAWA producers a position she is grateful for.

LEAWA producers are impressed about her capability in handling the job.

“This festival is organised and run by a selected number of film students who thought it would be a good idea when film students are appreciated for the work they do, seeing that as an opportunity for them to grow in the film industry and stay motivated,” Khuele says.

The PRO reveals that this year the festival is celebrated under the theme “Elevating Digital Storytelling” which in basic terms strives to make the government and the public at large aware that digital creativity and media is capable of boosting Lesotho’s economy.

Khuela says students say it is high time that the film industry, as underrated as it is, is given the recognition it so deserves. According to her, LEAWA is the very first step they have taken to bring about the change they so thirst and she hopes relevant parties could follow suit.

Khuele emphasises that this year’s awards are going to be bigger and better adding the planning alone is going to be a masterpiece; from the choice of venue, the awards, the screenings and the whole event.

She says the plan is to have celebrity performances from both local and international entertainment industry.

“The theme is in relation to what we have planned as a team of producers. We are planning to have screenings from different schools all around the country as to make every student and every adult feel a part of this festival, because I believe that way we are empowering and motivating each and every one through digital storytelling,” she says.

Khuela indicates that awards categories include Best Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer, Sound Design, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Production and appreciation award for the Lifetime Achiever.

The PRO further says so far preparations for the prestigious event are going well and pleaded with different different sponsors to come forth and support them anyhow they can. Above all she emphasises that the event is strictly courtesy of students and not the university so all the support could come in handy.

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