Wool and mohair promotion project reflects



MASERU – The Wool and Mohair Promotion Project (WMPP) progress report will be presented to a district stakeholders meeting to be held at the Maseru district agriculture’s office on March 25.

The WMPP is a national project based on activities that address industry production challenges, facilitating interventions that range from range management and; also focusing on the manufacturing of products. The project is intended to enhance the economic and climate resilience of wool and mohair farmers.

The project manager, Naledi Maliehe, said the the meeting is intended to outline progress on the project activities as well as challenges that have delayed implementation of planned project activities.

“The ultimate goal of the project is to boost the economic and climate resilience of poor, smallholder wool and mohair producers to the adverse effects of climate change in the mountain and foothill regions of the country,” she continued.

According to Maliehe Lesotho’s wool and mohair producers have only benefitted slightly from the government’s recent decisions to allow other wool and mohair auctioneers and brokers to start competing with controversial broker Lesotho Wool Centre. Wool and mohair is the backbone of Lesotho’s economy.


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