Unsuspecting beef consumers served kangaroo meat



MASERU – Minister of Small Business Development, Cooperative and Marketing Chalane Phori has revealed that 14 tons of Kangaroo meat had been imported in the country under pretext that it was beef and 1.7 tons of the meat has already been distributed to consumers.

He said the meat that came in the form of raw materials to manufacture boerewors and mince meat was ordered by Econo Foods from Australia. Econo Foods claims to have ordered beef but was instead supplied with kangaroo meat.

The anomaly was discovered after some workers noticed the consignment had an unfamiliar smell leading to laboratory tests which revealed this wasn’t beef but kangaroo meat.

Phori said he was alerted by an Afrikaner man who had been sent by La viande Foods Company from Australia to destroy the meat since Econo Foods was refusing to pay.

Laviande Foods company’s representative told Phori that Econo Foods ordered Kangaroo meat while Econo Foods alleges it ordered beef. The meat has since been disposed of and the minister and his team will go around butcheries in search of remnants of kangaroo meat.

Phori further revealed last year he was alerted that donkey meat was imported into the country but failed to follow up on the case due to lack of evidence.


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