‘Chisa Nyama’ vendors cry foul


Lehlohonolo Lebiletsa

Maseru – Street vendors plying their trade at Ha Mafafa have urged the government to relax the strict measures imposed recently to fight Covid-19, otherwise their already struggling businesses will close.

Public Eye yesterday spoke to several ‘Chisa Nyama’ operators at Ha Mafafa.

Mr Makhema Makhema said they are already not making profit any as they used to because people are scared to get into town because of the ongoing situation and therefore they can barely afford to put food on the table for themselves and their families.

“We are already not making enough money to cater for us and our families so the situation is obviously going to worsen if strict lockdown measures are imposed. We therefore plead with the government to allow us to continue with our daily work and rather impose strict laws on us to ensure we follow Covid-19 guidelines,” he said.

Another food vendor, Mokebisa Mashoabathe, who has been working at Ha Mafafa for more than a decade said should the government order them to stop working and go home, they are still going to die of hunger because they will have nothing to feed their families with.

“I urge fellow Basotho to abide by the rules set for us by the government because if they don’t, some of us are going to suffer and in the end, we are going to die of hunger. If everyone behaves then we won’t even need a lockdown and that ultimately means life will be easier for everyone,” he explained.

The country moved to the orange stage, which comes with a strict curfew among other measures, a few days ago after the Prime minister delivered a speech that due to the escalating corona virus cases, some strict measures had to be implemented.

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