MISA warns rogue journalists



Maseru- MISA Lesotho has expressed concern over journalists who are seen actively meddling in party politics under the pretext that they are working within their rights as media practitioners.

MISA Lesotho said it has observed that such journalists are either used by political elites to run propaganda on political parties’ factions or they actively mask themselves as media professionals to abuse journalism for political gain.

“They disregard and violate all ethical practices and conduct enshrined in journalism as they engage themselves in political party differences on social media, behaving much like foot soldiers for certain political elites,” MISA Lesotho said in a statement.

As the misconduct seems to be growing, especially among pseudo-journalists at some radio stations, MISA Lesotho said they tend to seek refuge from the organization when they lose their personal political fights.

MISA Lesotho also said there are media practitioners who are undecided about being journalists or active politicians, adding that not all media practitioners are members of MISA Lesotho as the membership is voluntary.

Local media proprietors, publishers, managers and editors, mainly those that in the radio stations space, are advised to keep an eye on their journalists and employ appropriate disciplinary measures to stop misconduct of their reporters.







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