LGCSE candidates approach exams despondent



MASERU – Although the Lesotho General Certificate of General Examinations (LGCSE) are underway throughout the country, students’ approach towards examinations has been sluggish compared to previous years.

’Mamokonyana Mokonyana, a teacher at Assumption High School in Teyateyaneng, Berea, told Public Eye in an interview that majority of her students are not optimistic about passing examinations this year. This, she said, was caused by students being away from school for a long time because of the coronavirus and she is concerned their performance would be below par.

“We normally judge our students’ performance based on their reaction just after sitting for the examination and based on the reaction that we are getting from some of the smartest students. We can already predict that the result is not going to be a good one and we feel for these poor students,” she explained.

Tokoloho Qathatsi, who is a LGCSE candidate at Assumption High School said throughout his school days from primary school he has never lost focus as much as he did because of the lockdown and he has a feeling that he is not going to perform well in these examinations.

“I have already made peace with the fact that I might have to join supplementary classes because for now, I don’t even feel like I am writing final examinations. Being at home for too long has really made me lose momentum,” he added. Tšepiso Sesioana, a psychologist, said writing examinations at a time like this is very hard since it brings a lot of anxiety to students.

“The first thing that these students have to deal with is anxiety because they are being introduced to a whole new set of circumstances that wasn’t there before. Anxiety affects one’s intellect and subsequently one’s concentration,” he explained.

“But as much as anxiety is scary, one can still use it to their advantage. I would advise students to tell their minds that this is the time to write and outperform at a time that is least expected. At the end of the day, it all starts with what you feed your mind, if you feed it positivity, you are guaranteed to get positive results,” Sesioana said.

Junior Certificate (JC) and LGCSE end of year external examinations were initially set to commence on February 22 and end on March 31, per revised timetables released by the Examinations Council of Lesotho.

This following a postponement earlier due to the nationwide lockdown which started on January 14, ending on February 3.




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