King Letsie III has made our work easier: health worker says



MASERU – Three months ago Covid-19 was spreading so rapidly that some workers were forced to stay at home to reduce the rate of the infection as many Basotho succumbed to the deadly virus.

Mannete Rapholo a nurse at Scott Hospital in Morija said this today as the health ministry launched the Covid-19 vaccination programme which started with His Majesty King Letsie III, his family and senior officials in his government.

Rapholo said the vaccine is going to reduce the rate of infection in the body and each person is going to be vaccinated twice; after the first injection one will be vaccinated after 12 weeks, adding every person will choose the arm he or she wants to be injected with the vaccine.

King Letsie III was vaccinated on a right arm, while his wife and his daughter were both vaccinated in their left arms.

In an interview, community health worker Mampho Mats’ela commended the programme for starting with His Majesty to lead by example. She said their work as health workers is going to be a lot easier since the community will now appreciate the need to be vaccinated since the king and his family had been vaccinated publicly.

Minister of health Semano Sekatle urged Basotho to test for Covid-19 and follow the set rules and regulations.

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