Lesotho: My Foster Mother


Language Sotho

That splinters, splutters like rock pieces

Sugar candies spilling around

Fine, fragrant like ‘kanmadham,

the mythical viscous rocks !


State Lesotho

reigning on a hilltop

filled by mountain ranges

the lamp on the slanting sky slopes !

Me, a vagrant bird

who lost its way

flew , in search of a night’s abode of sleep

flew, from branch to branch

In search of a nest..

You drew me to your bosom, O, Lesotho!


Before aeons were born

in forests wild, sucking nectar

eating roots and bulbs roasted

In flaming hearths

weaving together, time’s tiny fibres

moulding dream huts, earthen

bearing, braving dark threatening clouds and scorching heat

at times enveloped in piercing cold

keeping mountain Gods as guard

sitting around the fire

in raw, rustic tongue was sung and warped out

a culture indigenous, that if you ransack

brings out diamond pure!


The gold sown and ripened in goodness

water pure culled from earth

enrich the land with plenty

a land of pristine beauty,

our land Lesotho!


Building houses on land slopes

toiling in the soil, ploughing,

planting seeds , the land rose

and the landlord became the king!

Those who came, enticed by gold

to conquer was conquered

and all annexed into one.


You stand shoulders up, head high

Lesotho, the hilly state on top!

The name you made brought fame

that spread in the wind that carried

They came , even the white

whom You made a friend

Flagging out your glory!


This land small and cute

counters clouds ever so black

even when silence falls

your eyes light up in radiance

celebrating Onams* with what all you have

your damsels beauty incarnate,

not putting dignity at stake

guarded by menfolk stout, iron muscled

they who foster oneness, keeping friends

close to heart , making a land of virtue, goodwill

O, Lesotho!


The African beauty

tomorrow’s promise

it comes, it comes!

the pulsating self esteem, self revel of modern youth

emerging as the daughter of the hill

with a rousing song..

Our own Kudak land!**

My Lesotho!



Note – Onam – Malayalee’s national festival

**Kudak – A hilly area in South India, nature’s beauty like Lesotho’s hilly areas


Translation of the Malayalam poem written by Dr Ajay Narayan into English by Dr Molly Joseph; the author, Dr Narayan, is a retired educationist and researcher in education, living in Maseru.

Dr Joseph is a Professor, Poet from Kerala, who writes Travelogues, Short stories and Story books for children. She has published twelve books, 10 Books of poems, a novel and a Story book for Children. She has won several accolades which include India Women Achiever’s Award 2020. She believes in the power of the word and writes boldly on matters that deal with the contemporary. She can be reached at

E mail: mynamolly@gmail.com

You tube- https://www.youtube.com/user/mynamolly



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