Let’s talk humanity with ‘Nedy’


Decorated Beauty Queen helps her subjects


MASERU – Naledi Sephaphathi, a 21-years-old beauty queen has created a new project, ‘Let’s talk humanity with Nedy.’ The programme is intended to promote human empowerment in societies through conversations on encouragement and motivation; while also educating the same communities on subject matters that are usually swept under the carpet.

This also includes equipping participants with knowledge of how to overcome challenges they face on a daily basis. The project has so far covered topics such as body criticism and beauty standards, feminine societal expectations; bullying (inclusive of cyber-bullying) sexuality, success trials and tribulations, depression, surviving abuse and life with HIV/AIDS are yet to be traversed.

Naledi says of the topics she has so far gone through she has also learnt along the way that as a community we still have a long way to go towards coexisting humanely, she adds “we are still yet to acknowledge that every one is the right size, that we are yet to know that how we look is a matter of choice that one imposes on themself.”

“We are still yet to realize that beauty can be found in everyone, in fact there is a huge amount of beauty in everyone, be it in what they do career wise, how they express themselves or even how they interact with others,” she continues. “It is in our self-worth that we become the greatest creation of all time.”

“The mind is the power house of every human being; it feeds on knowledge and emotions, knowing how to control our feelings and emotions helps us channel how we live our daily lives, be it by uplifting ourselves or by accepting negativity as it comes,” adds Naledi.

She says the goal of her efforts is to bring forth to the realization of society a clear vision of how these stereotypes affect victims emotionally and mentally.

Again, she visualizes equipping people who have succumbed to these stereotypes regain strength, confidence and to break free and live a life of benefit to them.

“In line with its ‘I AM ME’ slogan, this particular project was chosen because it reflects the kind of person I am. Learning new things is one of the things I am passionate about.

Discovering ways in which problems can be tackled is a big part of my development and sharing such knowledge is of utmost importance hence the creation of the ‘Let’s talk humanity with Nedy’   programme,” says Naledi.

The programme is put to life through video clips in conversation with selected guests which are later posted on social media platforms – be it through Facebook or IGTV.

Naledi studied Statistics and Demography at the National University of Lesotho in 2018. She went on to compete for Miss Tourism where she walked away the coveted prize and became the Queen; she then hosted a pageant Mr and Miss Royalty.

She has also competed in the Mr and Miss Mountain Kingdom where she was again crowned Queen, later on she competed for Mr and Miss Lesotho Independence and still became beat them all to become the pageant’s Queen.

She then competed for Miss NUL and became the 1st princess as well as Miss Intervarsity (Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho) and became the 1st princess again.

In 2019 she competed in the Miss Tertiary (inclusive of all tertiary institutions in Lesotho) and won the crown, took a shot in the Face of Lesotho competition where her journey ended as a Top-8 Finalist.

Early in 2020 she then went to Cape Town, South Africa, for the King and Queen of the World hosted by Pageants SA – she became the 2nd Princess.

“This year I am trying my luck once more at the Face of Lesotho and I am currently a Face of Lesotho Top-10 finalist waiting to compete on April 3.”

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