‘Tiny’ thinks beyond the airwaves



MASERU – Ultimate FM’s ispirational radio presenter turned entrepreneur, Liengoane ‘Tiny’ Thokoa, has partnered with media colleague Khotso Moletsane to empower youths to embrace traits that will help them make themselves a better life.

Thokoa and Moletsane, who is popularly known as ‘Quizy’ are currently helping young business owners to build their brands and generate leads through youtube.

“I am also currently in business with ‘Quizy’ selling guava leaves, which helps in weight loss and good health. Since people seem to be reluctant to travel a lot, we decided to offer services delivering and placing orders with deposits required,” she said.

This comes at a time that the media industry is taking promising steps towards and making major advances, the sector’s most dominant voices inspiration the nation, especially the youth.

Liengoane is into renting out stretch tents, wrapping gifts packs and selling guava leaves health nutrients, but despite these tremendous efforts she told Life&Style that she has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few months.

The radio presenter highlights hiccups in business, having found it hectic to cope under introduced COVID-19 restrictions that prohibited mass gatherings – keeping her on her toes to keep have business afloat.

She mentioned, though, that the past festive season brought some joy as the easing of movement allowed for some activity in the entertainment industry.

The persistent presenter hopes for the re-opening of mass gatherings as soon as possible, also not being stupid with COVID but it is no secret that vaccines have given a major boost to propelling safety of the public.

Tiny also appreciated the manner in which social media platforms have helped in advertising her businesses, from where she gained a massive support base.

She mentioned that the past month has been inspiring for her as “Valentine’s Day is almost everyone’s remedy.” The radio presenter has been wrapping gifts for her clients sending gifts to their loved ones – and she does not seem to let her gut down when things are not going as planned.

“A lot of people now seem to all want the same things in terms of starting a business. The demand is very low nowadays since there are not much gatherings going on, but other than being in the studio my listeners and supporters have been a pillar of strength, encouraging me not to quit.”

“We are a depressed youth, especially when things are not working out for us; and the most important aspects of survival are sharing of information on social media and other media platforms to gain much needed support system,” she added.

“I highly appreciate the support I have received and I would not have been where I am if it were not for them.”

The young money-driven lady also reflected on some of the challenges she has face faced throughout her two-year bad experience in business.



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