‘Tekky Lee’, just radio host in love with fashion



MASERU – Young radio personality, taken into the world of fashion says he aspires to walk international ramps wearing some of the world’s most expensive and well known outfits by respected designers.

Lepoqo Bereng, aged 23 and trading by the name ‘Tekky Lee’, is a radio host, a model and fashion lover. ‘Tekky Lee’ attended St James and Phamong Primary Schools, then studied at St Patrick’s High School and completed his schooling at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where he obtained his Associate Degree in Broadcasting Radio and TV in 2020.

He began modeling back in 2016, saying he has always an unattractive gait growing – and people teased him about it.

He says he, during his teens, started surfing the internet for best walks and postures to copy; there he discovered the best cat walks, not only that but he emulated and started moving like international star Naomi Campbell – the Queen of Catwalk.

“I started following her and watching her videos. I did that every night and people reacted positively to my news movement,” Lepoqo says.

His real break came in 2018 when he met a lady who invited him to join her in her planned fashion show, he recalls “I slayed that ramp and that opened doors and opportunities for me because fashion designers approached me in large numbers following the event.”

“Modeling is like my second nature. The fact that I started as nothing but practiced till I became perfect made modeling a part of me…I practiced and here I am.”

‘Tekky Lee’ was previously a presenter at the state-owned Ultimate Radio and hopes to be back on radio anytime soon. He says he doesn’t just want to be a radio presenter, “but the very best amongst best” as he’s working on perfecting his craft with people with longer experience in this industry.

“Radio is home to me, and I am passionate about it.” He has also been a part of a modeling agency in which he was appointed director because of his exquisite modeling skills; he, however, quit for he did not feel fulfilled.

He adds that he then joined another agency, “things also didn’t work out as expected and I left.” Then he decided to freelance. I am a freelancer at the moment, and I have a manager who manages my platforms and how I dress. I have it all, he continues.

Bereng is a proud Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Intersex and Queer LGBTIQ+ member and says he has no regard for negative criticism from the public. “People used to call me Somizi (South African socialite, dance choreographer and actor Somizi Mhlongo).

“When I was on the ramp I find pleasure, and no matter what people call me it has never really mattered…actually I like it, who doesn’t want to be Somizi the successful entertainer?” he mockingly asks.

Lepoqo says, however, that he is sometimes touched by what people do to him because of his sexuality, but decides to keep quiet as he isn’t much of a dramatic person.

As a fashion lover he argues that for his style and dress sense to be attractive, appealing and extraordinary “I don’t have to dress like everybody else.”

“The key point is to believe that confidence is the best outfit one could ever wear. Even if you go out in a simple t-shirt and jeans, if you wear them with confidence then you are still going to look amazing,” he says.

But this is not all about ‘Tekky Lee’; he says that he is still putting together a portfolio which he intends to send to South African modeling agencies because he wants to walk on international ramps in Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and David Tlale outfits.

Lepoqo believes there won’t be much of a change in Lesotho in upcoming years in the fashion and entertainment industry, but “I also yearn for this industry to thrive because it is likely going to contribute towards creating employment for the youth. It is a platform on which youth can create something for themselves.

As for our government, it needs someone middle aged and fresh for fresh ideas and more change.”

“Tekky Lee is a name derived from ‘Tekky Lee Whingston’ which I wanted it to be something related to American star Nicki Minaj because I have been her fan since 2013,” he concludes.




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