Violent video raises govt’s ire




Maseru – The Government of Lesotho has released a statement in response to a video that went viral showing a woman being attacked and harassed by two men, while another woman’s voice could be heard inciting the yet-to-be-identified assailants.

The government has expressed disgust and distress over this event which is closely linked to the long-running labour dispute involving textile factory workers since the woman in the video seems to be accused of letting her colleagues down by going to work when others are on strike.

The government further condemned the trashing of public property that include streetlights and the looting of shops and rental properties.

While acknowledging workers have the right to bargain for wages, the government stressed this should be done legally and it pleaded with the leaders of trade unions to urge their members to refrain from criminal activities such as instilling fear in workers who have decided not to engage in the strike.

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