Factory worker’s assailants nabbed




MASERU – Police have arrested two people – a man and woman – for the assault of a factory employee and for preventing others from going to work during the ongoing industrial action by workers. The factory workers are on strike demanding an increase of their salaries. The arrests were made on Wednesday this week.

Police spokesperson Sub-Inspector ’Mareabetsoe Mofoka said the arrested suspects have fuelled the persecution of factory workers at two different incidents. The man who is in police custody is one of the two men who appeared in a video beating up a factory worker mercilessly. His accomplice is still at large.

The victim, 26, was on her way back home when the misfortune befell her. Her original home is Semonkong but she stays at Tsoapo-le- bolila. Sub-inspector Mofoka said the victim has already seen a doctor following the inhumane incident.

The first suspect, aged 34, works at Ha Tikoe at a factory called Liberation and stays in Masowe I at Khutsong, but is originally from Semonkong, Ha Letšaba. Sub-Inspector Mofoka said this man is facing a charge of assault. The second suspect is facing a charge of incitement.

The arrests follow a statement by government in response to the trending video that went viral showing a woman being attacked and harassed by two men, while another woman’s voice can be heard inciting the assailants.

The government has expressed disgust and distress over this event which is linked to the long-running labour dispute involving, since the woman in the video seems to be accused of letting her colleagues down by going to work when others are on strike.

The government further condemned the trashing of public property that include streetlights and the looting of shops and rental properties.

While acknowledging workers have the right to bargain for wages, the government stressed this should be done legally and it pleaded with the leaders of trade unions to urge their members to refrain from criminal activities such as instilling fear in workers who have decided not to engage in the strike.




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