#BachaShutdown takes on security agencies


‘Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – #BachaShutdown today held a press briefing on the progress of the four issues they petitioned the Prime Minister on.

Vice coordinator, Thuso Leina, speaking on behalf of #BachaShutdown, said they have a strong belief that the government authorities do not love for this country hence they are not serious about unemployment.

Leina said Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro’s office came up with strategies of how to implement and create job opportunities for this country’s youth but the political parties in charge of the relevant ministries seemed to lack political will to implement those strategies.

Bachashutdown reminded the government that it is not right to do what is good for this country’s youth without involving the youth themselves.

Leina also condemned security arms accusing them of brutalising civilians fighting for their rights instead of providing protection for the nation.

“When will Basotho ever find peace in their own country? They are being treated brutally in other countries and even in their country. Even though things are like this, we will not stop fighting,”Leina said.

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