LCA proposes monitoring of phone calls



MASERU – The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) has proposed the installation of compliance monitoring and revenue assurance regulations for the year 2021.

The Authority has urged members of the public and stakeholders to submit opinions on the draft within 60 days, in accordance with Section 55(1) and 55(2) of the Communications Act 2012.

The objective of the draft regulations is to provide conditions, requirements and procedures for the monitoring of telecommunications traffic in Lesotho through the implementation of a compliance monitoring and revenue assurance tool (C-MART) that will assist in ensuring transparency in monitoring the regulatory compliance of the mobile network operators and mobile financial service providers.

“The authority informs the general public of the proposed draft of the compliance monitoring and revenue assurance regulations, 2021 made in accordance with Section 55(1) and 55(2) of the Communications Act, 2021.

“The general public and the industry stakeholders are invited to submit written comments on the draft regulations within a period of 60 days,” the LCA said in a statement.

Among others, the draft regulations seek to ensure the generation of reliable statistics for all incoming international calls and national interconnection traffic and verify the international returns of licensees for international telecommunications traffic.

The regulations will also look into monitoring of quality of service (QoS) for international and national interconnection traffic as well as detecting, tracking and blocking of bypass fraud and elimination of network traffic fraud.

It will also focus on providing International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) details for mobile devices and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) details and SIM profile for fraudulent SIM.

Furthermore, it will look into detecting all new mobile devices that are connected to any telecommunications licensee’s network as well as monitoring mobile money gateways and transactions to capture transactional information from the USSD platform and international money transfer gateways and transactions that use mobile phone-based platforms to remit international incoming transfers.

These regulations, according to the LCA, will apply to all mobile network operators and persons that terminate and originate international incoming and outgoing electronic telecommunication traffic through Lesotho networks.

It will also include persons that interchange local telecommunication traffic using national gateways within the country and those that use telecommunication network services, own mobile devices, use mobile money services and receive international money transfers using mobile phone-based platforms.

Operators and persons that provide international money transfer services using mobile phone based platforms will also be covered by these regulations.


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