Lesotho introduces online Covid-19 certificates




MASERU – The Ministry of Health has introduced online Covid-19 certificates in line with the African Union (AU) Trusted Travel (TT) framework.

The TT application is primarily meant to certify and publish authentic laboratories and their results for credible testing and issuance of Covid-19 certification for international acceptance and travel.

The Government of Lesotho has notified the general public and travellers that starting from August 1, 2021 authorities are deploying the TT application at all our points of entry.

An individual will visit an authorised laboratory to take an RT PCR Covid-19 test with their national ID or passport, then wait for the results. The results will then be sent to the individual via email, sms or they can visit the testing centre to get their results. The email or SMS will bear a link through which the individual can log in and view their certificate.

Once one has logged in, they can check-in for their flight if they are flying. When an individual gets to the points of entry, they should present their SMS or e-mail or printed results to the points of entry official together with their passport for verification to cross.

Once one has verified they are then authorised to pass. In-bound travellers from countries which do not have Trusted Travel compliant labs must use the UNDP-sponsored Global Haven system (accessible on the “check-in” pages at www.globalhaven.org and trustedtravel.panabios.org) to identify the verified testing labs to undertake testing and to upload their Covid-19 test results for validation. All such uploads are automatically scanned by a forensic system that can flag fake or illegible documents for further investigation.

“The Covid-19 pandemic continues to adversely impact global travel, disrupting trade, tourism and other economic activities. To mitigate against these effects and to allow for economic activities dependent on international travel, many governments are requiring travellers to present negative Covid-19 certificates at points of entry and if all of us can use this new online system we can achieve that,” said Minister of Health Semano Sekatle.

To ensure the integrity of the certificates at Lesotho’s borders, NACOSEC and the Ministry of Health have collaborated with the African Union and Africa CDC, with technical support from the PanaBIOS Consortium.

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