Diamond Centre to create 500 jobs: Minister Qoo



Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – Liqhobong Mine, which was closed around this time last year due to Covid-19 is set to resume operations now, Minister of mining Serialong Qoo told journalists at a press conference yesterday. Qoo said Liqhobong mine has been going through care maintenance over the past year and the mine  is expected to be fully operating starting this week, urging the mine’s management to first hire the employees who were retrenched because of this pandemic.

He also stated that the country is going to engage a diamond specialist to examine and calculate the value of all Lesotho diamonds before they are exported.  “Because we are going to have our own diamond centre as a country, there will be 500 jobs created before the end of the year,” Qoo said.

He further disclosed that all Basotho who took their unlicensed diamonds to the ministry were paid so he pleaded with those who still have unlicensed diamonds to take them to the ministry from 30th September this year so that they too will get paid.

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