Ntsoaki goes romantic in new novel



MASERU – A qualified teacher with a degree from the National University Lesotho, majoring in English language and Literature in English, 29-year-old Ntsoaki Agnes Lethena from Ha Patsa in Mafeteng is proving to be an author of note. “I tried my luck in writing a book back in 2008 but could not really put what was in my mind on paper and school was hectic at the time. Towards the end of 2017 I gave it a shot again, and it turned out well.

“I published my first crime thriller, ‘No witness no leads’ in 2018,” says the writer who is also an emerging entrepreneur. She adds: “So, I thought of shifting gears and write on a different genre and Romance crossed my mind. But I must say, I did not know what topics to depict until one day when I was scrolling in my inbox on facebook and found a lot of trolls in there. “I thought to myself: why not write a book about what could go wrong about Facebook if people could date there? Bingo, before I knew it, I had an entire novel.”

“The book is about an affair that did not happen,” she says. The characters are crushing on each other. The girl protagonist, Anne Lethale, meets this dude, Ralph Mpiti on Facebook and they pick steam right away, but as the plot unfolds, it gets intricate. Angered by unrequited love, Anne prowls around and as luck has it she finds information about the boy’s biography – valuable information.

What the boy fears the most comes to pass as Anne airs his dirty laundry, divulging all the secrets in her book. It does not take long for the book to land in the wrong hands. Right away Anne gets kidnapped; either by Ralph, or by his father, or it could be the bad guys who want to see Ralph dead. The point is, we do not know who has her but her life is in danger and so is everyone around her and by the look of things, she may lose the boy as well.

“The book is doing well in the market,” she says, adding that she has received the support she wasn’t expecting. So far, Ntsoaki has written two novels and reveals that she has another crime thriller coming soon but is worried by what is every writer’s bane of existence – not having a time to write or when there is time, a clogged mind also known as the writer’s block.


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