BPP party lobbies government on girl children issues


Mabeleme Mokete

Maseru – The Basotho Patriotic Party (BPP) Youth League has urged the government to take action to ensure more Basotho can afford and access technology and digital resources. The youth league also called on the government to ensure there is comprehensive sexual education and removal of barriers to education for all girls.

BPP was celebrating annual commemorations of the International Day of The Girl Child 2021 yesterday under the theme “WhatGirlsWant – closing the Digital Divide and Centering African Girls in the Global HIV Response.”

The BPP youth league said the solutions should include: comprehensive sex education and health knowledge in schools for adolescents; safe access to sexual and reproductive health services; and, easy access to digital spaces for girls to easily obtain information and resources. 

In addition BPP is advocating for the creation of business partnerships, internships, mentorships, and inclusive curriculum for girls. They also plead with the government to prioritise the promotion of the empowerment of girls in Lesotho and keep the needs of young people at the centre of governance and the democratic process as a means to attain their basic human rights and autonomy. 

“We recognise that gender equality may be attained through influencing the norms, laws, and organising through education at the ground level. We also call on the government of Lesotho to prioritise the higher rates of HIV and AIDS discourse concerning girls,” the BPP Youth League said.

They further urged the government to promote saving girls’ lives through access to inclusive sexual education which reduces cases of child pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs/STIs), and HIV/AIDS and mobilise and digitise health and sex services.


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