Pageant star’s heart lies with orphans



MASERU – Newly crowned Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho says she is mostly concerned about uplifting and empowering disadvantaged people. Keketso Precious Jobo, a 20-year-old from Ha Mabote, is a second year student at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) where she is studying Bio-Chemistry. Keketso started pageantry in March 2020 when she joined Miss local where she became a top model before she joined Miss Ecotourism and Miss Spring where she became a Second runner-up in both pageants.

Ultimately, she was crowned the first-ever Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho. “I feel honoured and privileged. It is one of the things I have wanted in my life and being Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho feels like that one giant step towards my dreams and the impact I want to make.” “I am all about uplifting and empowering disadvantaged people, people closest to my heart are orphans just like me. That is why I want to own an orphanage when I am older.

“As of now I am already part of groups that feed homeless people on days like Christmas. But my aim is to expand such charitable works. I don’t want it be only about feeding them on special days but to feed then on a daily basis. “This is why I plan to host events for charity. I am a person of many talents such as doing hair and making crochet tops hence I also intend to visit orphanages to teach those kids what I know so that it is not just about giving food and clothes. As the saying goes “if you give a man fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish you feed him for a lifetime,” Keketso told Life & Style.

Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho was held at AME Hall in the last weeks of December. This is the first time it is hosted where they had 16 finalists for Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho 2022. Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho 2022 was Keketso Jobo, while Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho Ambassador 2022 was T’sepang Motheane. The Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho 1st Runner Up title went to Bokang Putsoa, with Tiisetso Joele becoming Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho 2022 2nd Runner Up. Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho 2022 Best Speaker was Bokang Putsoa as Keketso Jobo clinched the Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho 2022 Photogenic title.

The two ladies, queen and ambassador, will be representing Lesotho in the Miss Eloquent Africa in Zimbabwe in September 2022. The Directors of Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho are going to cover their registration of M3 000 and do their best to help them get sponsors to cover the rest of the expenses from preparation to going to Zimbabwe.

The judges included: Realeboha Phori, Miss Teen Lesotho Director; ’Mmakamohelo Putsoane, Mr & Miss Easter Director; Reatile Molefe, Miss Culture International 2nd Princess 2021; Teddy Nxumalo, Librarian; and, Senzokuhle Ndlovu, Human Resources Practitioner

“The audience was excited and cheerful to see the beautiful contestants. They were very flexible and interactive because we had red carpet conversations throughout the show, where the presenter would ask the individuals in the audience some impromptu questions about the event.

“Their responses were detailed and elaborate showing that they were interested and part of the show the whole time. They were dashing, each and everyone of us the spectators definitely got the memo of dressing up for our red carpet event.” “I wanted this event to be very classy and top notch and I am happy I achieved that. The decor was on point, aligning perfectly with my vision and the ambiance alone was very nice. We were able to get grand exquisite quality crowns for our winners which was a long time desire,” said director Keneuoe Nelly Talanyane, Co-director of Miss Eloquent Africa Lesotho.

“The biggest challenge was funds. Funding came from our pockets and we are just students. Funds were really low, we hardly afforded some of the things we needed. Another factor was the short time we had to prepare and organise this pageant.”

“I was under a lot of pressure and balancing this with being a student because my schoolwork is my number one priority, so everything was hectic. Traveling from Roma to town every now and again to finalise things for the event was costly and stressful for me. The whole procedure was new and challenging because I was organising a pageant for the first time. During the event the weather was definitely not on my side, it was rainy and cold,” said Keneuoe.

She said she would like to maintain that standard for all the coming years.

“I would like this event to receive as many sponsors as possible to make it even more beneficial for the contestants because that is what the whole idea is about. To give young women an opportunity or platform to scale great heights in the pageant world. Just as now we introduced new upcoming artistes and its my desire to keep doing that so as to share the limelight with young people,” she said.

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