Galantine register success, third time in a row



MASERU – The third instalment of Galantine, a ladies’ celebration a day before Valentine’s Day has been a great success, revellers have said. Held at Matholeng Gardens at Ha Foso, in Berea, women revellers were dressed to kill, ready to celebrate women and ready to share. This, some said, was an opportunity for all to open up on the challenges they face in society and in their family life and to advise each other on how best to address those challenges.

The event was attended by women from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, nurses, the banking sector, communications, housewives and teachers. There was an assortment of different professions which created an atmosphere in which advise was received from women with different exposures. Historically, Galantine is a celebration of female friendship for both single and married women to acknowledge their strength. Girls celebrate girls. It is an international event that is celebrated just before Valentine’s day, explained one of the organisers.

The intention is for women to reflect on their past experiences, to learn, to introspect, to share and guide each other on how best to deal with challenges and to build each other for the betterment of themselves, their families, and their children. The event provided an opportunity for women to build everlasting friendship – #sisterhood.

In an interview with Life&Style organiser, Itumeleng Ranthimo, said this was also a networking opportunity, where women were able to socialize and even share their contacts in order to follow up with those who touched them in a special way.

She continued: “I was expecting 25 women; the turnout was 30 women. It is very exciting and interesting to see that the event is growing, from 15 in 2020 to 20 in 2021, an increase of 30 percent; I hope it will keep growing in years to come as an annual event.

The plan is to solicit support from companies to pay for the attendance of their employees as an opportunity for wholesome growth that will lead to improvement of productivity in the workplace. One company already pledged this year. Ha Rona Group of Companies provided decorations. I thank the company for its contribution and support throughout the event. We are looking forward to more sponsorship.”

“I achieved all that I had planned as women left with a better understanding of the challenges they are facing and on how best to deal with them. Women were intimate throughout the event thus promoting love and sisterhood. My future plan is to invite internationally recognised digital creators to the event,” she noted.

She thanked all women who attended the event and for actively participating saying “I am optimistic that the event will receive wider recognition over the years with more women attending from all walks of life including international digital creators.”

On behalf of the revellers Kekeletso Ntlhakana said the event was very classy, empowering and very informative. “Where women meet in harmony and peace, they are able to give each other very important advices understanding that we are not alone in the journey of life. Honestly speaking the organiser’s vision of gathering women together so that we sit and have discussions that affect us on our daily lives is a gift from God.”

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