Queen to join treasure-hunters at Qoaling



MASERU – Queen ’Masenate Mohato Seeiso will join adventure seekers in a treasure-hunting event that will be held on top of the Qoaling plateau tomorrow. A treasure-hunt involves participants searching for hidden treasure by following a trail of clues and, upon finding it, a participant that finds the treasure keeps it.

The queen has previously taken part in adventure events organised by Thapoha Hiking Club. In March 2016 she was amongst a group of hikers who took a five hour walk with vigour and amazing energy on top of the Qeme plateau.

The Qeme plateau is a 16km stretch from Ha Teko on the North to Ha Mantšebo on the South and it is where in 1868 Afrikaners from South Africa engraved their victory over Moshoeshoe I that led to the signature of the Aliwal North Treaty that defined the current Lesotho borders with the Republic of South Africa.

Besides its historical importance, Qeme plateau has some San painting and some rocks that describe the life of it first inhabitants.

According to Lekoro Ralebese from Thapoha, who is also the coordinator for the treasure-hunt, the event has been organised to give participants some form of entertainment and adventure during the stress and boredom-ridden era of the Covid-19 pandemic. “A treasure-hunt as an activity came out on top compared to other outdoor activities as it rewards in prizes and physical conditioning because it involves hiking; it is a two in one activity.

“It expected to be outstanding because it is the first in the country and as Thapoha we are bringing developments and variety in the tourism world. Let us go treasure-hunting; the mountains are calling our names in style this time,” Ralebese said speaking to Life&Style.

He added that this is one event in which those who will take part will never forget, saying some will be hyped by hiking while others will be thrilled by treasure-hunting. These activities will be followed by a braai in the company of the queen.

Ralebese further pointed out that they have been forced to postpone the event, initially planned for November 2021, several times previously because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The organisers have also had to find a date that would not clash with other previously scheduled hiking activities in Thapoha’s calendar.

Thapoha Hiking Club is a non-profit organisation dedicated to hosting and participating in hiking and backpack activities within and outside Lesotho. It was founded in October 2010 with a mission to promote health and wellness tourism in Lesotho and on the entire continent.

Since 2010 the club has hosted several annual events including annual independence hikes. This year the club intends to host a treasure hunt event aimed at raising awareness on wellness and mental health. The club is involved in promoting tourism in Lesotho and has achieved this, as history can attest. On average, the club organizes 15 hikes per annum or at least one hike a month.

Thapoha is renowned with holding the King and Queen’s birthday walks annually. It is during these walks and others that the club interacts with local communities and offers different forms of support and life skills to the communities. The club is socially active; during the peak and emergence of Covid-19 the club found it necessary to reach out to rural communities to create awareness about the pandemic.

This exercise was done successfully as the community responded by adhering to Covid-19 protocols as stated by WHO. The exercise was done despite many challenges the club faced. It took selflessness, patriotism and brotherhood to achieve positive results towards this exercise.

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