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Maseru – Residents of Tšenola-Motse-Mocha and Sekoting in Maseru are demanding that their Member of Parliament Thabang Mafojane return money paid as part of contributions to an electricity scheme. The angry residents converged today at MPs offices charging at the MP and councillor to either bring back their money or go on with the power installation like they were promised in 2015.

They claimed, to their surprise, another private meeting had been held 45 minutes before their meeting by the MP and Councillor. According to the residents, each depending on the size of the house, had contributed a minimum of M50 Maloti, for each room and some contributed M100, M200. Up to 300 members joined the scheme, some of which have since passed on.

The total amount collected by the council so far is said to be not less than M72 000 but the council has denied them access to the bank account, neither could they provide the name of the account nor state what the account balance was. It was also not clear whether the money is in a personal account or council’s account. Most residents suspect their money has been stolen by the council. Efforts to get the side of the accused, who also attended the meeting, proved fruitless at this stage. 

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