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MASERU – In a desperate move to save the lives of his friends battered by Covid-19, Thabiso Mochatso founded Global Cure organic remedy which has seen his popularity soaring. The medicine has been a sensation, not just in Maseru town but in the whole country with people putting their hopes to recover on it, especially for lung related ailments.

Having been on the shelves since 2020, Global Cure is an organic remedy, according to the founder and manufacturer Thabiso Mochatso, meant to cure aliments like chest pain, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, arthritis, menstrual pain, to mention a few. Mochatso aged 42 years, was born and raised in Sehlabeng sa Thuathe, in Maseru to Mathabiso and Nkoli Mochatso. He is the eldest among six siblings and has from a young age assumed the duty of looking after his family and ensuring that family affairs were attended to while his father was working in the South African mines.

He attended primary school at St Joseph Primary School in Sehlabeng, then went to Methodist High School and ’Mamathe High School for his high school education. He, however, dropped out of school while doing Form D due to financial challenges and only got a chance to write his Form E examinations years later with assistance from one of his teachers. His humble beginnings and tough childhood did not discourage him from pursuing his dreams even though he could not achieve his most desired career of being a teacher.

Outlining how and why he started producing Global Cure Remedy, Mochatso said in 2020 he got a call informing him that some of his nun friends who were also his reliable clients were sick struggling with flu which was suspected to be Covid. He says growing around a great grandmother who used and loved traditional herbs taught him a few things about remedies to certain illnesses but the cure he knew best about and had faith in was the common cold remedy.

Mochatso says after a scary call that he received while he was still in shock and confused by Covid-19 first cases that were recently reported in the country, he became desperate for a solution – a remedy to cure all cold related sicknesses including taking chances against Covid-19. He was also scared that in case he contracted the virus he could die leaving his children to grow up without a father.

First he went to the veld, collected some herbs, boiled and bottled them then send the remedy to the convent, he recalls. As much as he had faith in his remedy he did not know that it could also cure Covid-like symptoms but to his surprise, his friends that had tested positive to Covid-19 were cured after taking his medicine. A few days after sending the remedy, he got a message from his nun friends that they had recovered and healed.

The next person to be cured of the same symptoms by the remedy was his herd boy who had also reportedly tested positive to Covid-19 days after his friends. Mochatso says the recovery of his friends and his herd boy after taking his remedy proved to be a blessing. It was after these two incidents that he did an evaluation on herbal remedies sold around the country and discovered that no one was manufacturing or selling a flu or common cold remedies.

As a result, he decided to take his remedy to test with plans to produce for commercial purposes if it proved to cure flu or common cold related sickness. He started giving the remedy to family and friends that were suffering from common cold related sicknesses and all got cured and that is when the demand for his organic remedy increased which encouraged him to produce for commercial purposes.

Around 2020, he produced enough to distribute around the country and the reception for the remedy was overwhelming. That his remedy quickly became a sensation around the country came as a surprise to him, and while still in awe, he got calls from people testifying about the healing potency of the remedy. Many people told him they had been cured of ailments that he was not even aware Global Cure was able to cure.

Mochatso says at first he was even scared to market his business but he pushed and produced as per the demand and marketed his business on TV and different radio stations. His business picked up and he got more opportunities beyond borders and as of today the remedy is sold in Lesotho, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and eSwatini and by June the remedy will be exported to Italy.

He says his remedy is generally safe even for children and has a record of children who were healed by the mixture. Mochatso states that he has recently received a grant offer by a South African company whose name he will only reveal at a later stage.

The SA company wants to invest in his company so that he can produce large quantities of the remedy and export to different countries. He says the investor is promising to give him financial support that will enable him to buy high quality machinery to use for production of the medicine, build infrastructure that will be secure for industrial production, buy cars for transportation purposes and expertise that will improve the remedy.

The terms of the agreement are such that the business has to be established within South Africa and the medicine would be exported to other countries, including Lesotho. Mochatso also produces petroleum jelly, aqueous cream and body lotion also manufactured from natural herbs said to heal many skin related ailments.

With Global Cure production, Mochatso has hired 32 people and has created job opportunities for agents that have been trained on the products and are now selling his products around the country and across the borders. The self-made organic remedy producer and farmer has no medical background whatsoever since he had to drop out of school because of lack of financial support. He says what kept him pushing despite obstacles in his way was his thirst for success and a better life for his children.

Mochatso is an example of how determination and perseverance can bear success. Growing up, all odds were against him. He had only himself to rely on, to ensure that he changes his life, at least for himself. However, alone he stood up, left the country again and worked in the construction sector in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He says even though the job was not paying enough, he took it as an opportunity to better himself and learn a skill that he would later use back home. After years of working in the construction company in Port Elizabeth he gained some skills and came back home where he started a construction company which is now one of the successful ones in the country.

Texas Construction is Mochatso’s pride and through it he has been able to create 30 job opportunities for Basotho but due to Covid-19 and slow business, he had to lay off some of his employees and is only working with around 10 people at the moment. From the company he has among others build his own guest house called Global Guest House situated in Naleli. The guest house has 11 rooms that are complete and fully furnished and already accommodating guests with 16 extra rooms at completion stage.

After establishment of the construction company, Mochatso’s life improved and he was able to put food on the table and look after himself. He then ventured into serious farming business and where he has about 175 sheep, 25 cows, poultry and fields where he plants crops for consumption and for commercial purposes. As one of the renowned entrepreneurs in the country, Mochatso encourages Basotho to never be discouraged by their circumstances as tough times are temporary. He encourages people to use what they have, persevere and strive for success and urges Basotho to not focus on one source of income but try different things in case the other source fails to yield desired outcomes.

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