Multitalented MJ has eyes on world stage


MASERU – Model, dancer and musician, Rethabile Mojakisane (24) is arguably one of the best dancers in town and he is still working hard to make it to the top. He says he is ready to show Lesotho and the world what he is made of. Rethabile, popularly known as MJ, is a Hip Hop free-stylist, sings RnB and plays House music and is a part-time rapper is also a businessman who trades in aluminium.

“Growing up I knew nothing about modelling and dancing and I was also unsure what my talents were as I was regularly told I was too stiff and couldn’t move…I was told I will never be good enough. I tried to impress people so I did almost everything but I never had the confidence,” he recalls. He started off by learning the Pantsula dance moves before falling for House while he was still studying in primary school.

In 2011 he started learning Hip Hop which he became passionate about, and in 2013 he was able to compete in the Vodacom Superstars with a crew they formed in high school. They failed to impress, but he never gave up. Rethabile started another crew of his own, tried his luck again in the Vodacom Superstars and they made it to the Top- 5. It was a great achievement to him, and in 2016 he joined another crew Called Vain Glorious Dance Crew (VG Crew) which helped in building his profile as a dancer and led him to being the face of a company called Star Sign.

“I have what it takes to be one of the best but I always thought am not cut out for it, until I decided to take the leap of faith. I then realised that I belong in the industry because I love to be known for my talents, and for someone who loves swagg and likes to show off I think the entertainment industry is the right place for me because I get to wear different designs and show off to the world,” he said.

This year he joined popular modelling agency, Sotho Kids, which also taught him a lot in a short period while also boosting his confidence. Within Sotho Kids I am able to embrace my culture as a Mosotho man, also portraying my talents as a Hip Hop dancer. I am also a body builder and a runway model as we speak,” he said. “I just recently joined the Mr and Mrs Culture Lesotho 2023 because I believe I have got what it takes to win the pageantry. I have a lot of talent which I want to show to the world that I can still do modern activities and culture all in one, which I believe will help us and future generations to always remember our roots. With the help of all Basotho out there I can win this,” he concluded.


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