Tshepo heads to Jozi for a dance battle



MASERU – A local self-taught dancer who missed a gig in Gabon in February has a chance to dance his way to first position when he battles it out in a dance competition in Johannesburg, South Africa, in October. Tshepo David Dube is a dancer whose passion for dancing was fueled by his father and grandmother who are dancers of note themselves. He sees himself becoming a national dance icon in a few years.

Dube, born on January 27, 2002, hails from Ha Pita, in Maseru, and dreams of seeing himself in Gabon and the rest of the world as long as he thinks they are the right platform for him to achieve the most. Speaking to Life&Style recently, Tshepo explained that apart from him growing up with dancers in his home, his passion for dancing started when he was in high school. He dropped out of school because he was not bright enough to pursue schooling. “I am a high school dropout; I was not the best student in class so I never stopped dancing even if in class I was not good but we all know God gave us different talents. He gave me dancing skills,” said Tshepo.

Tshepo has been featured as a dancer by acts such as Llyboy from Ghana, Lloyd Brandon from Gabon, Lamar Jay from USA and many more and he looks forward to working with big names in the industry. He dances every time he gets a chance and this keeps fueling his love for dancing. “I actually dance 24/7 non-stop because it is the only thing I have got in my life.” Tshepo wishes for Lesotho to do something tangible about the entertainment industry as there are many upcoming dancers who also are looking forward to taking Lesotho places with dance.

He also highlighted that next year Global Dance Supreme, which be held in South Africa, is going to start picking qualifiers from Lesotho and it is also going to help put Lesotho on the map. He further said he was supposed to be in Gabon earlier in February but due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions he was not able to make it. Fortunately, he has a dance competition which he is practicing so much for in October this year in Johannesburg. Dube promised his friends and fans a lot of local and international dance battles.

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