Thaba-Bosiu chief’s killer hands himself to police



MASERU – A 49-year-old Mokone Mperiane has been remanded in custody after appearing before the Maseru Magistrate Court facing a charge of the murder of Chief Sechaba Pekosela of Mahaheng, Thaba-Bosiu.

According to police reports Mperiane handed himself to the police on July 18, with the butcher knife he used to kill the chief.

Reports further indicate that the 31-year-old Chief Pekosela once whipped the son of the accused and was ordered by the court to pay the victim. However, reports have stated that the deceased never did, and that he kept bragging that he will not pay any amount of money as ordered by the court.

The accused, as a result, decided to kill the chief because of his refusal to pay the debt.

The murdered chief’s remains were recovered in the vicinity of Ntlo-kholo, between Thaba-khupa and Ha Sepake, in the early hours of the morning by one of the villagers who was on his way to work – who then informed other villagers about this ghastly incident.

The body was removed from scene by the Flight One police, with reports that the chief must have been murdered with the use of a sharp object. The body was found in a pool of blood, with other injuries on the chest.

Mperiane will be awaiting for the murder trial in custody, he is  set to appear before the magistrate  court on August 2.

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