Botha-Bothe’s Got Talent



MASERU – To promote young people’s personal development through mentoring, nurturing and exposure to the entertainment industry, Botha-Bothe Got Talent will be encouraging artistes from different backgrounds to showcase their talents. The talent show is scheduled for a date yet to be announced.

The joining is free and audition dates will be announced soon. Prizes for the winners are as follows: First place M5 000; Second place M3 000; third place M2 000; and, the Popularity Prize at M1 500. Any talent that can be shown within three minutes, whether it’s in music, dance, acting, poetry, magic, modelling and other talents is eligible to audition.

In an interview with Life&Style, one of the organisers, Ayesha Mookho Khuele, said the talent show is a way of recognising talent and creative art in Botha-Bothe and TJ GROUP as the founding body to give back to its community. The reason the talent show is based in Botha-Bothe is because the founding body TJ Group CEO, Tayob Jooma, was born and raised in that district, however, it is yet to venture into other districts as time goes on.

“It will actually be the first big talent show to come out of Mabita. We will have different talent and people of all ages. The talent show is actually giving back to the community and discovering talent,” she added. During the talent show contestants of all ages and of all talents are allowed to give minutes-long performances in front of a set of judges. At the end of each performance, the judges evaluate those performances.

In each earlier rounds each season, judges decide which acts move forward and which acts are eliminated and there will also be performances from different artistes and coaching. “We don’t really have a specific number of people to show up but we are hoping for more people to join the talent show.

The youth seem to be registering in large numbers and the organizers are still hoping for more hence this event will be an annual event and looking forward to also expand to other districts as well. Right now it is TJ group but they are calling on everyone who is interested in partnering with them.


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