Pomp and fanfare as Checkers debuts in Lesotho



MASERU – After much anticipation, the first-ever Checkers FreshX store in Lesotho opened its doors for business on Wednesday at Masaru Mall. Checkers is a supermarket chain owned by Shoprite, which operates in Southern Africa.  With over 30 Checkers Hypers and more than 200 Checkers supermarkets, it serves customers in countries such as Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, and Lesotho (now added to the list).

The chain emphasises fresh produce and offers a diverse selection of high-quality food items. Checkers was founded by Norman Herber, the chairman of Greatermans department stores, and later expanded and prospered under the leadership of Raymond Ackerman. It is now a part of the Shoprite Group.

According to a press statement released by Maseru Mall on Monday this week, the opening of Checkers marks a significant milestone in the commitment to serving the vibrant community’s needs.

“This exciting addition to the mall not only represents progress but is also a testament to unwavering dedication to job creation,” the mall published. It further highlighted that Checkers’ opening allows the mall to drive the economy forward by creating more jobs and opportunities in the greater Maseru area.

“As a lead-up to the grand opening, we undertook to revamp the mall. During construction, 230 jobs were created, with an extra 360 to 400 jobs post-renovation, further enhancing the livelihoods of our community members. We are proud to play our part in fostering job creation and supporting the local economy,” the release also said.

It further showed that they strive to bring convenience and innovation to their valued customers, thus the introduction of Checkers FreshX, which brings a new standard of shopping experience that Lesotho has never seen before.

“Our vision for Maseru Mall goes beyond being a mere shopping destination. We aspire to create a thriving community hub where people can flourish and enhance their quality of life. The introduction of Lesotho’s first Checkers FreshX is a major step in this direction by giving our community access to diverse employment opportunities and a broader range of products.”

Speaking to shoppers at the grand opening, it was revealed that Maseru Mall undoubtedly offers a diverse shopping experience that caters to individuals of varying backgrounds and preferences.

’Mamokete Lereko, a delighted shopper, expressed her belief that the days of Maseru residents crossing the border for shopping will soon become a thing of the past as Maseru continues to flourish and evolve.

She joyfully remarked on her privilege of being among the first to explore the remarkable and pristine offerings at Checkers.

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