Non-profit foundation partners NUL for excellence



MASERU – In a bid to train National University of Lesotho (NUL) students to serve as career leaders and mentors, Bothata Mahlala Development Foundation (BMDF) and NUL signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) this week for the establishment of the NUL Career and Talent Centre. The primary objectives are to improve the implementation of quality assurance systems through mentorship and coaching and to support NUL’s Public Relations and Marketing Strategies.

Dubbed the ‘Quality Assurance Centre for Investment in Excellence,’ the project aims to guide post-primary learners in career orientation aligned with their interests and talents. It will facilitate career, professional, and market research to inform curricular and programme reviews by involving stakeholders. The goal is to identify and develop programmes addressing skills shortages in Lesotho, as outlined in the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP II).

During the MOA signing, NUL Vice-Chancellor Professor Isaac Olusola Fajana expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts that have propelled the university to new heights. He anticipates a diligent partnership with BMDF, striving for significant achievements. He conveyed the university’s gratitude in celebrating this milestone. Dean of the Faculty of Education, Paseka Mosia, said the MOA serves as a quality assurance measure, contributing to excellence in the faculty of education, adding that the partnership aims to enhance education quality in the country as a whole.

Bothata Mahlala, Founder of BMDF, conveyed pride in signing the important MOA, underscoring the foundation’s commitment to supporting the university and the broader Lesotho Education Sector Strategic Plan. He acknowledged that while the foundation may not possess all the resources the university requires, they pledge unwavering support towards achieving shared goals.

“The foundation and its supporters are dedicated to making significant contributions to the advancement of quality education, fostering an improved learning environment, and primarily ensuring academic excellence among students and leaders. “We initiated a modest programme early on, which we believe can complement the university’s existing resources, leading to a continuous enhancement of the educational experience.

Our programme aligns closely with the envisioned goals in this field. We issued a compelling call to our network of friends and consistently extended this invitation to all relevant stakeholders, urging them to join us in our mission to aid, support, and champion the ideals of quality education and academic excellence at the University of Lesotho.

“It is our belief that our efforts have laid the groundwork for significant improvements, particularly within the Faculty of Education. As education serves as the cornerstone of all academic disciplines, we encourage our friends and supporters, especially within the faculty, to acknowledge the strides we have taken and unite in our shared commitment to elevate the standard of education offered at the university,” he said.

Mahlala added: “The foundation and its friends intend to contribute immensely to the provision of quality education for the fundamentals of an improved learning environment and mostly towards ensuring that it contributes to academic excellence expected from the students as well as their leaders.” BMDF, a non-profit organisation, aims to maintain and enhance its reputation as a responsible Lesotho organization through positive actions, focusing on the promotion and development of excellence in the fields of study and talent development.

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