Sasai Econet Financial Services Invests on Customer Experience


Staff Reporter

Maseru – Sasai Econet Financial Services (SEFS), a subsidiary of a telecommunications powerhouse, Econet Telecom Lesotho, has revealed that they have been working in the background on upgrading its systems to improve customer experience.

General Manager-SEFS, Ms. ‘Matikoe Letsie, said the purpose of the system upgrade, which is carried out at least once every five years, is to enhance performance, tighten security that safeguards customer accounts, improve efficiency of all features, and increase storage for new accounts. “Our systems need to be top notch all the time because we are dealing with mobile money and our customers trust us with their monies,” Ms. Letsie told Public Eye this week.

Ms. Letsie said this new version comes with a myriad of new features for both individual customers and businesses which they will be launching to the public over the coming weeks. These new features will include allowing agents to simply initiate cash in/out to assist customers, especially OLD Age Pensioners who have recently started receiving money via EcoCash. “With the new system all categories of customers will be easily segmented thus allowing for focused and targeted benefits and privileges towards each segment,” added Letsie.

Letsie assures customers that a different application has been developed to cater for smooth and efficient use of Ecocash services, including the highly unplacated pay out of EcoCash interests. Letsie urged Basotho to stay tuned for the release of a series of new, exciting and very innovative solutions in the coming weeks.

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