Indian hosts food and fun fair



MASERU – The Indian Association of Lesotho hosted its annual food, trade and fun fair at Machabeng College on Wednesday.

Food has been described as a great medium to unite people of different natures and cultures regardless of whether the difference is dietary, religious, political or even about race; everyone will put aside the differences to come together and eat.

Multitudes of people of different nationalities therefore headed to Machabeng College just curious to give their taste buds a new feel and a tour around the world as food stalls from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Mexico, were on display.

The Indian Association of Lesotho was set up in 1988 with the main objective of uplifting the people of Lesotho while also looking after the well-being of the community of India based in Lesotho.

The association’s president Biju Abraham Korah indicated that 90% of the Indian business community are Lesotho citizens and they are changing the face of the country by investing heavily in Lesotho to uplift its nation.

He emphasised that the Indian Association is committed to make a difference to both the people of Lesotho and the Indian community.

Korah also explained that the festival is held annually and they have always been a means of uniting communities through the celebrations of harvest and giving thanks for a plentiful growing season.

He further said food is for sharing, celebrating and socialising the human beings and that food festivals serve to unite people from different backgrounds.

“An event of this magnitude reminds us that we are one humanity, irrespective of our colour, creed, caste, religion and nationalities. We forget the futile lines of the map and affirm that we are a global family. Together we are building a global village realising that life is a togetherness, a relationship and a celebration,” Korah said.

He also mentioned that the festival is meant to rejoice special moments and emotions in people’s lives. The festival, according to Korah, also plays an important part to add structure to people’s social lives. It connects people with their families and backgrounds. It gives a distraction from the day-to-day exhausting routine of life and gives some inspiration to remember the important things and moments of life.

Also to make the day entertaining, diverse music was playing and there were lots of fun games for children, fashion parade as well as the trade fare.

Home Affairs minister Mokoto Hloaele as well as the minister in the Prime Minister’s office, Temeki Ts’olo graced the occasion and both indicated that they were keen to taste the food.

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