Thaane launches BlaqMilk clothing line



MASERU – “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, that is why it matters, especially today when human contacts are quick”.

These words of Italian billionaire Fashion Designer, Miuccia Prada are true to the ambitious and driven Maseru-based Matseliso Thaane, owner of BlaqMilk clothing brand. She says she cannot agree more with, Prada’s words adding “clothes add on to one’s confidence”.

Thaane indicates that she thrives on challenge and constantly sets goals for herself so she has something to flourish towards.

She is also not comfortable with settling for less and that makes her to always look out for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

When she thought of starting her own clothing brand, the only thing she had in mind was making the youth feel good and grow their confidence through clothing.

“Not to say BlaqMilk is not open to other markets, but my main focus is on the youth,” she explains.

The 23-year-old Thaane further says she would often get compliments in regard to her sense of style so one day she took a leap of faith and started her own brand in an attempt to also make the next person feel good about how they dress.

There and then BlaqMilk was born.

“There is really no hidden meaning to it. Street wear is what is dominating the youth currently and BlaqMilk also focuses on street wear: caps, t-shirts, as well as winter wear,” Thaane says.

Thaane says what sets BlaqMilk apart from other brands is that it focuses largely on how well she understands her customers; who they are, how they behave, their attitude as well as their needs.

She emphasises that responding to customer needs ensures that one remains relevant and improves the quality of her customer relationships, ultimately driving engagement and loyalty.

Thaane also indicates that she knew from an early age that she would succeed in getting her future in own hands.

She likes to play by her rules and does not fear taking risks and she indicates that she is very fortunate that thus far the risk has always been worth the reward.

She states; “By starting my own brand, I have been able to follow my passion to create change for the benefit of humanity.”

All that sartorial magic has to come from somewhere.

Whether it be painting, film or any other craft, people are always driven by a certain inspiration.

For Thaane, her biggest inspiration is the youth.

She emphasises that they urge her to continue creating. This therefore fuels her dream of owning a boutique and producing her own designs.

She says her style changes – sometimes she keeps it formal and neat and then sometimes dresses crazy but strongly emphasises that contentment is very important.

The support she receives, especially from close friends and family overwhelms her. She has dressed some of the artistes making waves as far as Lesotho’s entertainment industry is concerned.

These include the likes of Lee Dasoul, a local house dj as well as Tsepo Mohlakoana who is a member of the famous hip hop crew, Motion In Progress, (MIP).

She desires to one day own a fancy boutique in the United States of America and it is upon that coming to reality that she will finally say she has made it.

By far, one of her greatest achievements is never giving up on herself especially looking back at everything she has been through with her baby, BlaqMilk.

She indicates that every business has its ups and downs but how one handles the very challenges is all that matters.

She says people should know that everything they need to accomplish their goals is already in them.

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