Robocop takes steps to build bridges



MASERU – Local hip hop artiste Sello Molibeli, popularly known by his stage name Robocop, has embarked on an initiative to de-escalate the beef among fellow artistes.

The self-proclaimed “Punchline King” says beef is like a sport in hip hop except that in Lesotho’s industry, due to the fact that it is only just developing, most of its fans do not fully understand it.

He say that is why he decided to stop the habit going forward.

Robocop has decided, instead, to focus on building himself as an artiste which he says is a project in which he aims to unite hip hop artistes who seem to be scattered, noting that DJs, unlike rappers, are doing well for themselves.

To ensure that the peace offering initiative becomes a success, Robocop took his time to approach artistes he has had beef with over the years and put them together to work on a single titled “Ngwaneo”.

He features artistes like T Mech, Skebz D, Irysh da Princess, Nirex, Lemeke oa Mochini, Lu Srenk, Gee flags, L Tweety and K-otic.

There are more of these joint songs to follow and he says he worked closely with Carbon beats to produce them.

“I noticed that we need each other to grow the music industry instead of working against each other. Now we trying to build brands instead of escalating beef,” Robocop says.

Because the beef that greatly gained momentum is arguably the one he once had with Penya Play’s very own Megahertz, one would wonder why there is no mention of him on the list of artistes he is to feature on the Ngwaneo track.

To clarify this, he told Public Eye he has not been in talks with Megahertz, at least not yet, but he foresees a possibility of that happening, especially because their beef has long been over.

He intends to release positive tracks only in future just like the likes of his newly-released single titled Meokho yaka that has been receiving a lot of airplay on local radio stations.

Before considering music as a career that could take him places and build him as an artiste, Robocop was just a battle cat which is where the name Punchline King started.

He describes his musical journey as adventurous considering where he started off.

There was a time people labelled him ‘the bad boy’ of the industry because of how he used to conduct himself but he says all of that belongs to the past.

The rapper, who gained recognition in the music fraternity in 2013 through his song “O rata mang”, counts working with renowned comedian Lilaphalapha as one of his greatest achievements.

He also reveals that even though he cannot mention the name as yet, there is a ‘big’ South African artiste he is working with and, if all goes well, that might just be the biggest break for him as an individual and for the Lesotho industry as a whole.

Robocop says he highly hopes this heart-felt project of his will serve as an apology to the fans and artists who might have caught undesirable feelings over the beef.

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