Socialite Eddie Poone passes on



MASERU – King of luxury, socialite, womanizer and businessman, Eddie Poone died in Johannesburg this week.

Reports say the 45-year-old popular jetsetter died due to what is believed to have been food poisoning after he ate seafood at a restaurant in Sandton.

Friends who were with him told the media that he reacted to a food allergy in Sandton on Thursday night and was rushed to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

His death has come as a massive shock to everyone with people sharing both positive and negative posts on social media.

Poone was born and bred in Lithabaneng, Maseru, and became famous for his lavish spending and partying which attracted young women, especially slay queens (informal name given to women who lead a lavish lifestyle through men. Normally wears expensive clothes, heavy makeups, and like expensive alcohol and partying.)

Apart from that he was a diamond dealer under Poone Diamonds.

He was also known for his generosity and helped needy people.

Fans in Maseru will forever remember his 40th birthday party in 2013 which he celebrated with destitute children, the disabled, family and friends at Durham Link, where he shared food and gifts.

In 2016, his lavish lifestyle inspired local musician Juvy to release a music video dubbed Eddie Poone.

The video has since attracted so many views on Facebook coupled with impressive social media shares.


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