Baby dumper nabbed



LERIBE – A 28-year old ’Mamathealira Khosana of Ha Rantsala, Mphosong in the Leribe district arrested and appeared in court for the alleged killing of her newly born infant.
Deputy police spokesperson Sergeant ’Mareabetsoe Mofoka said it is alleged that on October 18, ’Mamathealira was seen by a 57-year old woman in her village dumping ‘a parcel’ into the pit latrine of one of her neighbors.

The old lady, suspicious, called upon the community to witness what she had just seen.  
When the community came, they found the baby in the plastic bag already dead. It was buried with the permission of the area chief.

Khosana was nabbed and appeared before the Leribe Magistrate Court on September 19. She pleaded with the court that she was a first time offender and had killed her baby owing to family suffering.

She was sentenced to one year in prison or a M500 fine, which she failed to pay.

She was however given an extension to raise the fine by October 1.

Sergeant Mofoka pleaded with all the women to stop terminating pregnancies and killing newly born babies as it brings shame upon all women.

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