Mother assaults daughter for refusing to enlarge her privates



Qacha’s Nek- A 40-year-old Qacha’s Nek woman was arrested for severely beating her 14-year-old daughter, while another woman, Pati Nts’oane, (24) from Ha Molalanyanye Motse-Mocha appeared before court on the 10 October for assaulting her eight-year-old son.

Sergeant Mareabetsoe Mofoka, deputy police spokesperson, said the 40-year-old woman severely whipped her 14-year-old daughter sometime in October and on November 22 this year for failing to enlarge her private parts.

The report shows that the child was unable to go to school due to injuries she sustained during the assault.

Another report indicates Nts’oane whipped her eight-year-old son on October 2 as a result of which the child died on October 5.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli said the child was found with scratches resulting from the beating. One of the minor’s feet was burnt.

Nts’oane is awaiting her hearing in custody.

Mopeli said: “Child abuse has now reached its peak and we want people to be more aware of such incidents and report them immediately even if it is a parent who is abusing his or her children,” Mopeli said.

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