Hospitality to upgrade for 2020 Games



MASERU – The African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 Youth Games Maseru 2020 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has urged hotels and owners of hospitality entities to upgrade their facilities and services ahead of the games come December next year.

LOC held a one-day workshop for hotels and hospitality owners, where they were being sensitised and equipped on how vital the games are going to be to them and also how they can upgrade their services to attract more guest even after the games.

Speaking at the accommodation cluster workshop held in Botleng Guest House on Tuesday this week, Morake Raleaka, Chief Executive Officer of Lesotho Organizing Committee, said hotels and hospitality facilities are going to benefit a lot from these games therefore they have to make sure that they upgrade their facilities and services as to make sure that even after the games they still benefit.

We want to create a conducive environment where our guests will be in a position to come back and visit our country with their families again even after the games because of good services.

When there is excellent service offered by hotels and hospitality owners, there is going to be more guests visiting our country even after the games and by so doing, they will be enhancing the economy of this country which is our mandate in hosting these games,” Raleaka noted.

Marethabile Sekhiba President of Lesotho Hotels and Hospitality said, they are ready to offer accommodation for these games.

She said they are going to invest in the games in a ‘capital intensive’ way which means they are not expecting to get profits in advance during the games but they are going to make sure that in future they benefit a lot out of such games.

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